2022 virtual conference for professional and institutional investors only


To achieve results above the ordinary, you need to think Beyond the Obvious. Our virtual investment conference dares to be different by exploring compelling investment themes from an alternative angle. Hosted by Lucy Hockings, news presenter and host of ‘Live With Lucy Hockings’, globally renowned commentators join some of GAM’s talented portfolio managers to share their views and engage in some thought-provoking discussions.

We would be delighted if you can join us virtually on 15 March at 2.00pm CET.


Para conseguir resultados por encima de lo normal, hay que mirar Más Allá de lo Obvio. Nuestra conferencia de inversión virtual se atreve a ser diferente, explorando temas de inversión convincentes desde un ángulo alternativo. Moderado por Lucy Hockings, presentadora de noticias y presentadora de 'Live With Lucy Hockings', comentaristas de renombre mundial se unen a algunos de los talentosos gestores de GAM para compartir sus puntos de vista y participar en algunos debates que invitan a la reflexión.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el evento tendrá lugar en inglés.

Estaremos encantados de que nos acompañe virtualmente el 15 de marzo a las 14:00 CET.


per ottenere risultati superiori all'ordinario, è necessario guardare oltre l'ovvio (“Beyond the Obvious”). La nostra conferenza virtuale vuole provare ad essere diversa cercando di discutere vari e interessanti temi d'investimento da una differente angolazione. Con la moderazione di Lucy Hockings, presentatrice televisiva e conduttrice di "Live With Lucy Hockings", commentatori di fama mondiale si uniranno ad alcuni dei nostri più talentuosi gestori di portafoglio per discutere insieme e condividere le proprie opinioni.

Ti aspettiamo il 15 marzo alle ore 14:00 CET.

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Agenda 15 March

Agenda subject to change
Time Description
2.00pm Welcome
Lucy Hockings and Jeremy Roberts
2.05pm Keynote: The World Economy: The Day After
Stephane Garelli
2.25pm Ukraine update
Paul McNamara
2.30pm The GAM story and the importance of sustainability and impact investing
Peter Sanderson and Stephanie Maier
2.35pm Decarbonisation - The decade for delivery
Stephanie Maier and Stephanie Pfeifer
2.45pm Sustainability at GAM - thinking beyond the obvious
2.50pm Break
3.00pm Keynote: The Futurist – Visions of the future
Thomas Frey
3.20pm Disruption – Innovate or get left behind
Mark Hawtin and David Baszucki, CEO Roblox
3.35pm Disruption – Innovate or get left behind
Mark Hawtin and Alesia Haas, CFO Coinbase
3.50pm Break
4.00pm China – AI superpowers
Wendy Chen and Dr Kai-Fu Lee
4.10pm China: A consumer market with multiple drivers
Jian Shi Cortesi and Swetha Ramachandran
4.20pm Five reasons to invest in emerging market equities
Tim Love
4.25pm Active solutions in an uncertain world
Paul McNamara, Adrian Owens, Gregoire Mivelaz, John Seo and Thomas Mansley
4.35pm Macroeconomics, the energy transition and a changing investment environment
Niall Gallagher and James Aitken
4.45pm Long-term value creation through equities
Thomas Funk
4.50pm CEO reflection
Peter Sanderson
4.55pm Close
Lucy Hockings and Jeremy Roberts

External speakers

Lucy Hockings

Host of Live With Lucy Hockings

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Stephane Garelli

Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness, University of Lausanne

Read bio

Stephanie Pfeifer

CEO of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)

Read bio

Thomas Frey

Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute

Read bio

David Baszucki

CEO of Roblox Corporation

Read bio

Alesia Haas

CFO Coinbase

Read bio

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures

Read bio

James Aitken

Founder Aitken Advisors

Read bio


Jeremy Roberts

Global Head of Distribution

Read bio

Jill Barber

Global Head of Institutional Solutions

Read bio

Peter Sanderson

Group Chief Executive Officer

Read bio

Stephanie Maier

Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investment

Read bio

Romain Miginiac

Fund Manager & Head of Research, Atlanticomnium S.A.

Read bio

Mark Hawtin

Investment Director & Head of Global Growth Equity team

Read bio

Swetha Ramachandran

Investment Manager, Luxury Equities

Read bio

Wendy Chen

Senior Investment Analyst, Disruptive Growth Equities

Read bio

Jian Shi Cortesi

Investment Director, Asia & China Growth Equities

Read bio

Michael Biggs

Investment Manager, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

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Adrian Owens

Investment Director, Global Macro & Currency Fixed Income

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Gregoire Mivelaz

Fund Manager, Atlanticomnium S.A.

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John Seo

Co-founder & Managing Director of Fermat Capital

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Thomas Mansley

Investment Director, Asset Backed Fixed Income

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Niall Gallagher

Investment Director, European Equities

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Thomas Funk

Investment Director, Switzerland Equities

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